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Counselling and CBT

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Finding the right person to help you with your particular needs can be confusing and difficult.  You may find that the options in your area seem limited.  There are many different ways of approaching problems and many different sources of advice on offer.  In the end it often comes down to making a decision and hoping it is the right one. How-ever an initial meeting can cover many of your concerns in this area.

From here you may decide to try an initial three sessions and in as few sessions you would come to understand the basics of cognitive behaviour therapy ( CBT ) or discover the value of talking about your difficulties in a confidential setting. During the course of either of these approaches there would always be space and time to reflect on whether you have made the right decision. 

Therapy remains flexible and adaptable at all times and the choice of how many sessions you decided to take would be entirely yours.  In my experience making the decision to seek help can be a big step forward in itself and actually coming into therapy can be quite scary. You may not know what to expect and have your own specific ideas about what you want to gain from it.  If you write these down it can help you form a better view for yourself and the first session could be nice and easy. On the other hand you may not know what you want but hope to find this out in the course of therapy. Many people start from the point of being a bit confused and just want to get it off their chest. Many people find that however much of a struggle it was to get going , being under no pressure or judgement can be a very enjoyable experience. This can lead to a calmer approach towards life and relationships and a better feel about oneself. 

People say to me " What is CBT ? "  and I say that every-one benefits from knowing the basics of this very valuable and rational way of approaching life situations.  Devised by Aeron Beck this theory has been developed in the latter part of the last century to become the model accepted by the British Medical Association and now used in centres across the United Kingdom.  It normally takes no more than a few sessions to master the art.

I also get asked about counselling and I say that every society in the world has recourses for seeking help of different kinds. Because we cannot know everything about everything it is essential that we learn to communicate our needs to function as well as we can. Counselling is a way of helping us to express ourselves instead of keeping our thoughts and feelings to ourselves. How we approach life is key to our survival and health. That is why counselling and therapy is developing and spreading to serve as many people that it can across the world.

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