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Counselling and CBT

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Need a new perspective ?

What is Counselling ?

Counselling provides a confidential setting to talk and here with your counsellor's help and understanding you can feel more able to explore your concerns.  When the time is right and with your counsellor's ongoing support you can begin to make sense of your issues, be able to cope with your problems in a more focused way and on a general basis.  In the process you can learn more about yourself and others, become more efficient at work and come to find your relationships more rewarding.

Counselling can be helpful to those with relationship problems, addictions, self development and understanding, bereavement, other forms of loss, trauma, health issues, isolation and problems arising from emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

Families and Children can benefit by coming into counselling to learn how to communicate their problems with-in the family group.

In this way understanding between family members can be increased and tensions reduced.